Self-Storage Advice For Those In Wintry Climates

When you live in a wintry climate, you have to take the weather into account with almost everything you do. This includes renting a self-storage unit. Here are some pieces of advice to take into account as you choose a storage facility and rent a unit.

Pick a facility closer to home

On nice days, it may not be a big deal to drive 15 or 20 miles to a storage facility. But on a snowy, cold day, that 15-minute drive could easily turn into a 30 or 40-minute drive. Since you probably don't want to spend half the day in a car, it's worth choosing a storage facility closer to your home when you live in a wintry climate — even if you have to pay a few extra dollars per month for the convenience.

Ask about plowing

When you're talking with the facility manager, ask them how they handle snow removal at the facility. Do they clear all of the driveways every day? If not, are there certain days they do plow? What about ice removal? Make sure that the facility's snow removal policies mesh with your own needs. For instance, if you only plan on visiting the storage unit on weekends and they only do snow removal on Mondays and Wednesdays, this may not be the best facility for you.

Choose a climate-controlled unit

Climate control is a good choice in a lot of climates, but especially in a wintry climate. Not only does climate control keep your items from getting cold, but it also keeps them from getting too wet. If a little snow makes its way into the storage unit — perhaps because you track it in — the moisture will eventually evaporate into the air and be removed by the dehumidifying service. This helps keep your things from molding or growing bacteria.

Check driveway access

Take a look at the driveways leading to the particular unit you're thinking of renting. Try to picture that driveway with snow plowed to the side of it. Will it still be accessible with the vehicle you own? If you have a smaller car that doesn't do so well in the snow, for example, you may not want to pick the storage unit in the far back of the lot.

Winter can be beautiful, but it also presents some hassles. Take the advice above to heart when renting a self-storage unit.