How To Address Issues With Your Move In A Professional Way

Moving companies do their best to make sure your move is a simple and successful one. However, things do happen that can get everyone a little rattled. A misunderstanding in communication can cause the movers to go to the wrong street or city, or an accident can delay the delivery of your belongings. Whatever the issue, it should be promptly addressed and in a very professional and respectful way. Here is how to do just that.

Calmly Ask the Moving Company Why There Has Been a Delay

There are any number of factors that can cause the delay of the delivery of your belongings. The movers are not trying to frustrate you. They are trying to get your things to you as quickly and as safely as a possible without damaging them. If you ask for the details in why your stuff has not arrived as promised, you may be very surprised by the response. It could turn out to be something very serious indeed, and then you would be glad that you did not use unpleasant words to berate the person on the other end of the line.

Ask If the Movers Have a New ETA for You

Just like packages can get lost in shipping and you get a new update via the tracking system, so you can get a new ETA (estimated time of arrival) from the movers. Call the movers directly, if they provided their contact information, or contact the moving company for this information. Give them the benefit of the doubt until the new ETA has come and gone.

Always Be Exceedingly Polite

The moving company knows you are worried and maybe even frustrated, but by keeping an even temper and remaining polite, the movers and the phone representative will follow suit. Your demeanor helps them remain professional, and then no one's dander is stirred up, so to speak. It may be difficult to remember to be this polite, but if you remember the old adage, "You can always get more bees with honey instead of vinegar," then it will work out better than you expected.

If There Are Too Many Things Going Wrong, Ask for a Refund

If far too many things go wrong with your move, you are entitled to ask for a refund. The moving company could say no, but if most of the mistakes are theirs, they will want to make it right. Be polite in your request, and the response will (or should be) a positive one.

Contact a moving company, like Wheaton World Wide Moving, for more help.