Hiring Movers And Doing Some Work On Your Own? Make Sure To Move The Furniture Safely

Each part of moving is going to provide a unique challenge. Finding a place to live, packing your items, loading a moving truck, and driving to your new home all require effort and planning to go smoothly. You may plan on hiring professional movers to help with some aspects of the move to minimize stress. If you are committed to packing everything on your own and loading it all into a moving truck, you can hire movers to drive the truck and unload your items so that you can handle other things when you arrive. A tricky part is packing and loading the furniture, which makes it a smart choice to follow several tips.

Furniture Dolly

Picking up a piece of furniture and carrying it one from end of the home to the other can be challenging. But, you can make this easier by using a furniture dolly that allows you to pick up the furniture, put it on the dolly, and then push it to where you need the furniture to go. With someone helping, you can even take the dolly all the way outside to the moving truck by lifting the front wheels to get over gaps and giving extra support to the furniture when going down stairs that you may have around the front entrance.


If you are going to be maneuvering upstairs, downstairs, around corners, or through narrow doorways, you should consider wrapping the furniture so that you do not cause any damage. Plastic or fabric wraps are great because they will provide a barrier that absorbs the impact when colliding with objects. It is important to add extra padding to sharp corners to avoid scraping the walls, doorways, or stair rails.


When you have a moving truck that needs to be filled, the process of putting moving boxes inside is straightforward. But, when it comes to furniture, it can get a bit tricky to organize each piece. This is why you should consider hiring movers to help with loading the moving truck. At the very least, you should ask them about the ideal way to fill up a moving truck with furniture included. This will make it so that you can take their advice and do your best to replicate what the movers would do if they did it on their own.

Being patient with moving furniture is a crucial part of having a smooth moving experience. You can hire local movers for the most effective way to move furniture.